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The Silbione® Difference

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Bluestar SiliconesWelcome to, your dedicated source for silicones for the healthcare and medical device market.

Designed specifically for the global healthcare market, Elkem Silicones’ Silbione® brand means you can count on the highest quality healthcare silicone solutions, produced in a clean environment, and backed by biocompatibility testing to meet your application needs. Whether for short-term or long-term applications, Silbione® can provide solutions to meet your healthcare product needs.


-Elkem Silicones to exhibit at MDM West 2019
-Elkem Silicones Launches First Tin-Free Implantable Silicone Adhesive at MDM Minneapolis 2018
-Elkem Silicones and Graham Engineering Partner for Medical Tubing Testing and Development
-Elkem Silicones Launches New Skin Adhesives for Wound Care, Transdermal Patches and Wearable Devices at MDM West
-Elkem Silicones Unveils High Performance LSR for Long-Term Implant at MDM Minneapolis