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The Silbione® Difference

Skin Care & Wound Management

Silicones have long been recognized as biocompatible and effective materials for a variety of wound and skin care applications, including: wound dressings and bandages, medical and fashion tapes, transdermal patches for cosmetic and active delivery, and scar management

Designed specifically for skin contact applications, Silbione® Skin Adhesives (SSAs) provide gentle, non-irritating adhesion, even to the most delicate skin.

Silbione® Skin Adhesives are two-part platinum catalyzed silicone gel elastomers, manufactured in a clean environment to ensure healthcare grade levels of purity and quality. Available in a variety of tack properties and viscosities, Bluestar

Silicones can help you achieve the desired performance for your targeted application.

Key Properties:

Soft, Gentle Adhesion for Easy, Painless and Non-Traumatic Removal — The hydrophobic nature of silicones enables gentle adhesion to dry skin. For wound care applications, this means adherence around the periphery of a wound only, without adherence to the wound itself. Bluestar Silicones’ Silbione® Skin Adhesives maintain low peel force enabling easy removal without skin stripping that can cause pain and secondary trauma to newly formed tissue.

Repositionable – Silbione® Skin Adhesives retain adhesion properties upon removal, so they may be repositioned for several applications.

Reusable – Silbione® Skin Adhesives may be washed and reused.

Facilitates Healing – Silbione® Skin Adhesives are gas permeable, allowing the skin to breathe.

Bluestar Silicones offers a one-component Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) that is ideal for adhering colostomy and iileostomy devices, tracheostomy tubing, surgical dressings, pads and patches to the body.