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The Silbione® Difference


Wound Care

Silbione® RT Gels have been designed to meet the specific penetration, viscoelasticity and low viscosity requirements for fashion, comfort care and pressure relief applications.

For light-weight applications like external breast prostheses, Bluestar Silicones offers low density gels that are 20-40% lighter than standard gels.

Low viscosity Silbione RT Gel 4220 offers excellent dampening to provide even distribution of pressure, providing greater comfort in a healthcare device.

Silbione gels can be encased in Silbione RTV or light-weight open-cell silicone foams for a comfortable cushioning effect.

Typical Properties – Click on the product name to view the TDS

Silbione® SpecificGravity Viscosity[mPas] MixRatio Penetration2[mm/10] ProbeTack3[mJ/cm2] WorkingTime[minutes]
RT Gel 4022
RT Gel 4123  .63 11,000 1:1 238 15′
RT Gel 4220 .98 1,000  1:1 195 50′
RT Gel 4222
HS Firm Gel LV 10:1 10,000 10:1
HS GEL FLESH 5 CLR 10,000 10:1
RT Gel 4421 LD
RT Gel 4521 LD  .72 6,000  190 60′
RT Gel 4725 LD  .63 1,000 1:1 235