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The Silbione® Difference

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Bluestar SiliconesDesigned specifically for the global healthcare market, Elkem Silicones’ Silbione® brand means you can count on the highest quality medical grade silicone solutions, produced in a clean environment, and backed by biocompatibility testing to meet your requirements.

As the market demands more efficient and effective care, the materials used need to provide innovative properties that can help customers stand out against the competition while also providing an advanced level of care to better human lives.

Whether for short-term or long-term medical devices, the Silbione® product range provides easy processing and high-performance properties to meet your application needs.


-Elkem Silicones to exhibit at MDM West 2019
-Elkem Silicones Launches First Tin-Free Implantable Silicone Adhesive at MDM Minneapolis 2018
-Elkem Silicones and Graham Engineering Partner for Medical Tubing Testing and Development
-Elkem Silicones Launches New Skin Adhesives, Transdermal Patches and Wearable Devices at MDM West