Silicone Skin Adhesives

Wound Care

Providing gentle adhesion, even to the most delicate skin

Designed specifically for skin contact applications, Elkem Silicones Silbione® Silicone Skin Adhesives provide gentle, non-irritating adhesion, even to the most delicate skin.

Silbione® Silicone Skin Adhesives are two-part platinum catalyzed silicone gel elastomers, manufactured in a clean environment to ensure healthcare grade levels of purity and quality. Available in a variety of tack properties and viscosities, Elkem Silicones can help you achieve the desired performance for your targeted application.

Silicones have long been recognized as biocompatible and effective materials for a variety of wound and skin care applications, including:

  • Wound dressings and bandages
  • Transdermal patches for cosmetic and active delivery
  • Medical and fashion tapes
  • Scar management

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Silbione® Silicone Skin Adhesives are available in a broad range of tack properties and viscosities to meet your specific product and processing performance.

Typical Properties1 – Click on the product name to view the TDS
Silbione® Viscosity
Cytotoxicity Skin
Hemolysis Pyrogenicity
Skin Adhesion
RT Gel 4317 A/B 3000 1:1 170B 5.2 60′
RT Gel 4717 45000 1:1 170B 9.0 30′
HS Firm Gel LV 12000 10:1 110A 0.67 180
RT Gel 4642 A/B 12000 1:1 160B 12.0 >120
RT Gel 4645 AB 10000 1:1 210 20.0 100
Wound Care
HC2 2011 AB 3000 1:1 170B 5.2 >120
HC2 2031 AB 55000 1:1 170B 9.0 >120
HC2 2022 A/B 12000 1:1 170B 12.0 >120
-The typical properties listed above are not intended for use in preparing specifications for any particular application of Elkem Silicone materials.-The purchaser has the sole responsibility to select a particular Elkem Silicone Silbione® product and determine it’s application suitability.A-Approx [mm/10], Petrolab PNR 10 penetrometer, cone type, ASTM D217CB-Approx [mm/10], hollow cone (62.5g) DIN ISO 2137C-Approx [N/25mm], 180̊ peel using Bristol paper, 200gsmD-Approx [mJ/cm2], steel probe, 0.25mm layer Note:User has sole responsibility to determine product suitability for intended uses and applications. All testing conducted on cured skin adhesive product A+B
■ – Indicates test performed on the material; successfully passed.
❑ – Indicates test not performed on the material; however, it is substantially equivalent to another tested Elkem skin adhesive product that successfully passed.