3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing


As the technological advancements in 3D Printing, or additive manufacturing, continue to evolve, so does the need for novel 3D printable materials.

The use of a silicone 3D printer for medical applications is increasing, in particular for prostheses and medical implants due to the biocompatibility of silicones.

In order to support the increasing demand for new materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Elkem Silicones has teams of experts working on the customization of processes to respond to customers’ specific silicone printing requirements. The association of proven silicone technologies (RTV-1, RTV-2, LSR, etc.) and the benefits of additive manufacturing will enable designers and engineers to develop disruptive technologies and to open new horizons for greater performance and increasingly precise applications.

At Elkem Silicones, we have the experience and capability to develop 3D printable silicone materials that can be utilized for a wide array of application and printing technologies. Due to the variety of 3D printing technologies, we do not take a “one size fits all” product approach to this market. Whether it be viscosity, cure kinetic, cure system, specific physical properties, or biocompatibility requirements, we can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Application Solutions may include:

  • Custom Implantable Devices
  • Custom Orthotic/Prosthetic Devices
  • Custom Wearable Devices
  • Custom Drug Delivery Systems

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